Glasbewerken is a Dutch reference work for glassĀ­makers and interested parties, both theoretical and practical. The hardcover book of 352 pages had a first edition of 1000 copies in 2011 and a second in 2013. It is still available. ISBN: 978 90 816942 1 6 Druk 1 – issue Glasatelier Knoppert, The Hague.

The book Glasbewerken costs 49,50 euros including 9% VAT excluding shipping.
If you want to order a copy, you can e-mail your address to Glassstudio Knoppert. I will then send you the book or the books with a VAT invoice. It is sent by parcel post, count on 7, – for packaging and shipping _ in the Netherlands. For abroad it will be 10.50 – 13 euros. Please state in your email if you have special wishes (such as handing over to a postal agency instead of home delivery). Resellers can also contact us by e-mail about the conditions.

Click for the Inhoudsopgave and Index.
To get an impression, here is a Geschiedenis chapter, a chapter on Fusing met oplopende hitte and a chapter Slijpen met een slijpbok.
* The aim was to write that book that I wanted to buy myself when I started with glass.
* Various users have already called the book “the ideal reference work” and “the glass Bible”. “That book is not going out of my studio anymore because when I am stuck, the answer is in it.”
* In KM _ Artist materials (issue spring 2012) is a review of the book. The conclusion: “It is a candid reference work for colleagues and an excellent introduction for anyone who wants to enter the field of glass”.
* There is also a book review in Klei _Clay (November 2011 issue). The final conclusion was: “Even for the ceramist who does not want to purchase a glass oven right away, there are sufficient possibilities to fire glass in their own ceramic oven”.

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