My teaching experience streches 25 years.
In 1995 I started as a teacher at the Koorenhuis in The Hague. When that had to close its doors in 2013, I remained active as an independent teacher until 2020. In Zoetermeer I started in 1999 at the VAZ. This Free Academy Zoetermeer became part of the CKC. Later the CKC got partners and extended its name. Twice a week I go to Zoetermeer to teach. It is still a pleasure and regularly a challenge to help students implement their ideas and fire all the work at the best of my abilities.
content lessons.
In glass processing, fusing is the core activity, remelting and reshaping existing glass in ovens. Techniques that you use for this are, for example, glass cutting, sandblasting and grinding. In order to fire properly, it is also essential to know how the material glass behaves.
Beginning students get acquainted with the possibilities through a number of technical assignments. Often a preference for a technique arises that people will explore further themselves. 
zaterdagochtend _ foto's Marco Zwinkels
zaterdagochtend _ foto's Marco Zwinkels
fusinglessen gevorderden
basislessen: vensterglas met gekleurde korrels
individueel: blok smelten
fusinglessen gevorderden
werk zaterdagmiddag
workshop metaaloxidatie op glas
workshop containers en stapeltjes
resultaten fossil vitra _ foto Marco Zwinkels
workshop craquelé
workshop craquelé & zeefdruk 1
workshop craquelé & zeefdruk2
workshops zandgieten in de oven
resultaten workshop zandgieten in de oven
foto"s Marco Zwinkels
zaterdagochtend _ foto's Marco Zwinkels
zaterdagochtend _ foto's Marco Zwinkels
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Glass is taught in studio 4 where the goldsmithing courses are also taught. Next to the studio is an extra room especially for glass. Here lay our  materials and molds and stands our special equipment. Four kilns, a sandblasting cabin, a bench grinder, a drill and a tile saw.
friendships have developed! I also have very loyal students. You want to offer them something new every now and then! Given my interest in techniques and an adventurous streak, you end up with innovative workshops. The topics have been developed in-house or are invented by colleagues. Always provided by me with a good text.
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