anniversary book
Waving patterns is an anniversary book dating from 2016. In that year I had been married to Ab Waasdorp for 25 years, my company existed for 25 years and I turned 50. Together a nice 100 and time for a party.
The booklet contains many photos of glass objects that I am still proud of, supplemented with personal stories. The language is Dutch but I’ve have made an inlay in English – I will add it on request.

ISBN: 978 90 816942 0 9 
Glasatelier Knoppert, The Hague
Slack cover, 60 pages full color
Edition: 500 pieces
The booklet Waving Patterns costs 10 euros including 9% VAT excluding shipping. An additional 4 euros is added for shipment. If you want to order a copy, you can sent your address details to info@martineknoppert.nl
I will then send you the booklet with a VAT invoice.
* When purchasing glass art (an amount of 100 euro or more) you get the booklet as a gift! *