about her art
Although I like it when someone can recognize that something is my hand, I have never restricted myself to one style. I am regularly fascinated by a new theme or new technology and I enjoy experimenting.
Applied and free work, figurative and abstract,
it alternates and complements each other.

about teaching
As a teacher I give technical assignments.
Artistic interpretation comes from the student.

Each at his own pace and level: “What needs to be perfect right away, has no chance to grow.”
We often set the bar too high by what we all see on the internet that we forget to play and experiment.

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about writing
If something is recorded in writing, you can look it up and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.
Glasbewerken , my thick reference work, arose from a need for a Dutch informative and practical book – it wasn’t there when I started with glass and now it is.
Writing continues – for the time being extensive workshop texts. I expect to bundle them into a new publication. This time my aim is to make an English version as well.
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