inside_out: no title, stone statua veneto
figures: Equilibre, sandblasted
figures: Deep, sandblasted
figures: Joker, sandblasted
figures: Lampwork, dremel engraved
figures: Peek, dremel engraved
figures: Let go, sandblasted
figures: Portrait, mixed glass media
figures: Sea, powder print silkscreen
figures: Survival of the fittest, wheel engraved graal
jewelry: Silver by Lideke Middelbeek, glass Martine
jewelry: glass on silver
jewelry: Wave, fused glass
jewelry: glass fused craquelë
jewelry: fused reaction glass on silver
inside_out: Arabesk
inside_out: Growing
inside_out: Peacock_ Pauw
inside_out: Wheel of fortune
inside_out: Labyrinth (sold)
inside_out: Labyrinth
2d: Waves
2d: Feniks
2d/3d: Still live, Verstilde leventjes
2d: Waves
2d: Horizon, Einder
2d: Pater Noster
3d ritme: Homo ludens
2d: Patronos
3d ritme: Home is were the heart is
3d ritme: Snakes...,
ritme: object, glued
ritme: object, glued
3d: Bubbles & gates, Gebakken lucht
2d/3d flow: rooster melt
3d: Skyline, Gebakken lucht
3d: Bubbles, copperfoil, Gebakken lucht
ritme: Boathouse, glued
ritme: object, glued
ritme: object, glued and paper boats
ritme: object, glued and sandblasted
3d ritme: Gear, Raderwerk
3d: Boat bowl
3d: Bowl, pressed glass
3d: Ginko, bowls
3d ritme: Corner, Hoekje, gebakken lucht
3d: bowl
3d: Rock paper scissors
2d/3d flow: rooster melt
3d: bowl, sagging
3d: Boat
3d: Bowl with a hole
3d: Boat
3d flow: Aquarel bowl
3d flow: aquarel object
3d flow: object, flow slab
2d/3d flow: rooster melt
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Almost all pieces are unique. The signature of Martine Knoppert consists of a letter M and a K (rotated) in a square.
Below the square ‘10 (in 2010). In recent years I have been numbering per object under the square, for example: 1620 is the 20th signed object from 2016.
Jewelry and small pieces are not always signed. From 2019 they often have a card with the MK art logo.

I usually make my glass pieces myself. Occasionally I outsource the making of a steel frame.
Since I engraved, there has been an exception to this rule. A number of grails were blown by skilled colleagues in that area. Read more about it:
Stories around Grails (in Dutch).

Part of video from Open ateliers Duinoord and surroundings The Hague edition 2018.
During these Open studio days, it was filmed by Haagsedingen.nl
In the video you see successively Martine Knoppert, Ingrid la Haye and Nicky Konings.